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    Associate Members

    Koganti Rahul

    6years+ experience in tech industry (USA)

    Rahul completed MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is pursuing his passion towards engineering through his role as Sr. PCB Engineer at GoPro, Inc. You will find Rahul invested in various outdoor activities, social/cultural events and makes time to volunteer in service activities.

    Koganti Hitesh Babu

    District Secretary RID-3150

    He is working as Operations Executive in the field of home automation. Often the perfectionist and always obsessed with quality. Hitesh drives the strategic direction and has been associated with Rotaract International for the past 7 years and is currently appointed as District Secretary-RID 3150 for the year 2021-22 representing 1500+ rotaractors and covering the revenue states of Telangana and parts of Andhra Pradesh.

    Dasari Sahithyya

    She is one of the associate members working in Canada in software sector. She is contributing through all the possible ways available. she has interest in working for social causes.

    Vinnakota Trishala

    She is an active associate member working in the software sector in USA. She has keen interest in working for social causes and exhibited few thoughts in developing the foundation.

    Poda Lakshmi Revathi

    She is one of the associate members of AMMA FOUNDATION. She is graduated from ADIKAVI NANNAYA University and holds a degree in business management.She shows keen interest in social welfare programs from her childhood.She has good enterpreneual skills.

    Vennam Prasanth (USA)

    Adusumalli Siresh Kumar (USA)

    Ganta Sobhan Ram (USA)

    AVinnakota Rachana (USA)