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    Advisory Council

    Vinnakota Chandramohan

    CEO, Swinsoft. Inc

    He is socially active in the USA and India and supports several social causes. Chandramohan believes in every child's right to a happy childhood and is excited to contribute to the cause through his work with Amma Foundation.

    Dr. Koganti Usha Rani

    Retired asst. Commissioner of KV

    She is active in many rotary clubs and took a part in Amma Foundation to change the lives of poor children. She advises very enthusiastically and hopes for a better future for children. She works by the values.

    Dasari Ravindra Babu

    Retired Executive Engineer-Irrigation Department

    He is a retired civil engineer who has done his education in Andhra University. He has been associated with various charitable and social causes aimed at alleviating various social malaise.

    Koganti Sudheer Babu


    He is one of the advisory members, working in the software industry and settled in USA. As an investor and a philanthropist, he has multidimensional exposure spread across various sectors in India and Abroad. He has taken part in many events to reduce the gap and disparity in the society.

    Koganti Ashok Kumar

    Retired Executive Engineer-Irrigation Department

    After completing his graduation in Guntur, he is self-employed andhe brings a rare combination of ‘can-do’ attitude with an indomitable spirit to achieve goals.