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    About us

    About Amma Foundation

    Social equality, education and sustainability are raising problems in society. As corporate leaders can’t depend on government to solve them. Inspired by many great leaders a group of corporate and young professionals came together in 2004 to set up “AMMA FOUNDATION” to work with indispensable initiatives for bringing positive changes in the lives of unprivileged children and youngsters, their families and communities. AMMA FOUNDATION is a non-profitable organization working effectively for more than a decade to reach out and help children, youngsters to achieve their dreams


    Purpose of our organization is to elevate human suffering eradication of illiteracy and poverty and importing of sound education.

    Our Vision

    We work as a catalyst in bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth and women and we are trying to bring civic driven change in the society.

    We also providehealth kits to hospitals, infrastructure support to schools, vocational training to youth etc.

    Our welfare services are preventive, nurturing, supporting and remedial in nature to allocate resources to the neediest to meet their basic needs and help them move from welfare to self- reliance.

    Our Mission

    Amma foundation believes in the philosophy of civic driven society and compete involves in the process of development. It is working to provide comprehensive aid and care to poor and needy children so that they may pursue and complete their education and are capable of achieving their dreams. To deploy best possible methodology & technology for achieving ideal ‘social return on investment’ and to practice and promote good governance. We follow WORK –HELP-BELIEVE-TOGETHER-CHANGE model. we have created this model to reach the output.